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Why Does My Toilet Smell?

Your bathroom should be a haven, free of nasty smells and germs. But strong odours in your bathroom can appear very easily, especially if a number of people are using one bathroom. There are a number of reasons why your toilet may smell, so here are a few things you can do to prevent odours and get to the root of the problem.



If your toilet has a leak, this may be the reason for your toilet smell. A broken or loose seal in the toilet piping could also be causing a leak and allow nasty smells to leak into your bathroom. If you suspect a leak, call in Mr. Plumber Vancouver to take a look and identify the problem.



When bacteria builds up in your toilet, in the piping, and around the bowl, this can easily cause nasty odours and your toilet smell. Remove bad smells by using a powerful cleaning agent inside the toilet, to flush out any germs and smells that may be lingering inside the toilet bowl, and use a toilet bowl cleaner for the lid, around the bottom of the toilet, and on the floor. Remember to wear rubber gloves when cleaning the toilet, to protect your hands from germs and chemical cleaning products.


P-trap Issue

The p-trap is a device at the back of your toilet that prevents odours and liquids from coming up into the toilet from the sewers and drain. If there’s a problem with the p-trap, and if the odours are really bad, there may be a problem with the p-trap such as a leak or a crack, which may be causing toilet smell to seep out into the bathroom.


Infrequent Use

Believe it or not, infrequent use can actually produce nasty odours in your bathroom. This is because the water stays stagnant and bacteria can easily begin to build up. Plus, if you’re rarely using your toilet, it’s likely that you won’t clean it as often. Infrequent use can also cause the reservoir in the p-trap to evaporate, so nasty smells from the drain can escape and come out of your toilet, making your toilet smell. This is the case for all drains with a trap!


Still not sure why your toilet smells? If you need a plumber in Vancouver, give us a call today and we’ll fix the problem!

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