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3 Causes Of Noisy Pipes

If you’ve ever noticed odd noises coming from your pipes, you’re not alone. Especially if you live in an older home and your plumbing and piping system is slightly dated, the peace and quiet in your home may occasionally be interrupted by strange creaks, squeaks, clangs and clatters coming from your pipes. This is not uncommon but it’s also not completely harmless, and you should address noisy pipes as soon as you can to make sure there aren’t any serious underlying issues. Here are 3 common causes of noisy pipes and what you should do to fix it.

Water hammer

One of the most common causes of noisy pipes is known as “water hammer”. This normally occurs when you close the faucet which stops the water from running. The water that has been rushing through the pipe to escape then has nowhere to go and the flow is brought to a halt at the end of the pipe, but the sound is usually cushioned by air, or an air chamber, which stops the water from crashing against the pipe and making a loud noise.

However, if your plumbing system doesn’t have an air chamber, or if over time it has filled up with water and air is no longer inside to provide a cushion, this can cause a “hammer” like sound when you shut off the faucet. Call out Mr. Plumber Vancouver to find a solution as you may need to have your valves replaced or a water hammer arrestor to fix the problem.

Water pressure issues

High water pressure is another cause of noisy pipes. If the pressure is too high, this can cause your pipes to rattle and vibrate but also cause your plumbing system to fail and become damaged. High water pressure is not only wasteful, but if your pressure is higher than the recommended max of 60psi, this can also render your appliance warranties void as damage is more likely. To fix the issue, get a water pressure regulator installed by your plumber to prevent any issues in the long run.

Loose pipes

If you’re noticing your pipes rattling or vibrating, it may simply be because they’ve come loose. As water rushes through, if they’re not properly stable or if the supporting clips have come loose, this can cause them to sway and vibrate. Try to visibly inspect your house for loose pipes and check for any rusting or cracks in the pipes while you’re looking. If the noise persists, call out Mr. Plumber to try to identify the problem.

Looking for a Vancouver plumber to help fix your noisy pipes? Get in touch with Mr. Plumber Vancouver today for a quote or to book an appointment.

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