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Tips to Save Water

As we become more conscious about our environment, it’s important to consider different ways that we can live an eco-friendly existence and help preserve our planet. Water conservation is now an essential practice. So here are a few tips to help cut your consumption and protect the environment.


Turn Off The Tap

Are you guilty of leaving the tap on while you brush your teeth? Don’t worry, many of us are, but this actually wastes a significant amount – six litres per minute, to be exact. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth to save and conserve our resources.


Wash A Full Load

Always wash and dry full loads of laundry to reduce your resource consumption as well as your energy bill. Wash your clothes on the shortest cycle at the lowest temperature unless the items are heavily soiled. If possible, avoid the tumble dryer and air-dry your clothes instead.


Fix Leaky Taps

If you’re noticing an increase in your bill but you’re not using any more water than normal, that may indicate you have a leak in your home. According to the EPA, 1 leaky faucet can waste more than 10,000 litres of water per year, which is the amount needed to take almost 200 showers!


Don’t Fill The Kettle

When you fill the kettle completely but only use it for 1 cup of tea or coffee, you waste a significant amount of energy. Instead, either fill up an insulated pot and take your hot water from there, or only fill the kettle with only as much as you need.


Take Shorter Showers

Cut down your shower time. Avoid running the shower for too long before you get in, and don’t stay in there for longer than is necessary to help reduce your consumption.


Keep Drinking Water In The Fridge

Every time you run the tap and wait for it to go cold, you waste water. If you’re doing this 6-8 times a day, that’s a significant amount of waste over the year. Instead, fill up a large bottle of water and keep it in the fridge to help save it.


Get A Water Butt

Collect rainwater in a water butt and use this for your garden and to clean your car. This allows you to ditch the hosepipe and recycle our earth’s natural resources.


For more information about saving water, check out Earth Easy and the US Environmental Protection Agency

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