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Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Summer

Summer is a wonderful time of year and no doubt you’re already out enjoying your garden, the sunshine, and making most of the great weather. During the summer months we use our home in a different way than in winter, and your plumbing system in particular will see increased usage. However, if you don’t care for your plumbing properly, this extra use can take its toll and lead to costly repairs which is exactly what you don’t want. Here are a few plumbing maintenance tips for summer, and how you can make sure that the summer months don’t take their toll on your plumbing system.

Sprinkler head issues

If you have a garden, you’ll likely have a sprinkler that you use to keep your plants and lawn hydrated. However, it’s important that you check the head for any cracks or rust and give them a good clean before you start using them again, as the last thing you want is to waste water and flood certain areas of your grass.

Garbage disposal clogs

Summertime often involves entertaining guests, family BBQs and fun in the garden, but this also means that things like your garbage disposal will see a lot of use. When you’re busy and having a great time it’s easy to forget to take care of your appliances and plumbing maintenance, so be cautious of pouring things like grease and oil down your garbage disposal, and make sure things like avocado pits, bones, potato peels, corn husks and coffee grounds don’t make their way down the sink.

Leaky appliances

We tend to use appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher much more in summer, especially if you’re constantly at the beach or your children are off school. However, increased usage can put more stress than normal on your appliances, which can lead to leaks and issues.. Look out for pools of water around your washing machine and dishwasher, as well as under the sink, and don’t forget to get your pipes checked over by Mr. Plumber if you spot any leaks or drips. Plumbing maintenance helps avoid these issues.

 Sewer line back ups 

A common issue if you live in a climate that receives a lot of rain is drainage overflows and sewer line backups. This can cause your sewer lines to block up, and cause water to come up through the bathtub or toilet. If this happens, call out Mr. Plumber immediately to tend to the problem and fix the damage.

 Are you in need of a plumber in Vancouver to take care of your plumbing maintenance this summer? If so, give Mr. Plumber a call today.

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