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Plumbing issues to watch out for when doing a renovation

A renovation is one of the best ways to update your home and give it the refresh it needs. Whether you’re working on your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or simply updating key features such as your décor, radiators and appliances, your home’s plumbing is something that you need to think about. Renovation work can bring about new plumbing problems or bring pre-existing issues to the surface, especially if you have an old home or it hasn’t been looked at in a long time. Here are a few plumbing issues to watch out for when renovating to make sure that your home update runs smoothly and you don’t run into more serious problems down the line.

Outdated plumbing

One of the biggest plumbing issues that people run into is outdated plumbing. Our entire home plumbing system isn’t something we tend to address unless we have to, but a renovation is the perfect excuse especially if you’re conducting major work anyway. Outdated plumbing is a common issue in older homes as accepted practices have changed and materials that were used decades ago aren’t as effective as they used to be. For example, many older homes may have galvanized pipes which over time, will clog, corrode and rust. Get your plumbing system checked out early on in your renovation so your plumber can make any necessary changes before you begin decorating.


Another issue to watch out for when you’re renovating is leaks. If you haven’t had your plumbing checked over in a long time, or your home is quite old, your renovation may unveil old or recent leaks that you didn’t know existed. Typical signs of a leak include mold, staining on the walls, bad smells, or excess humidity. If your pipes are rusty or old, it’s best to get them replaced while you’re renovating so you can kill two birds with one stone and get everything updated at once.

Drainage issues

Issues with your drains in your bathroom or kitchen can potentially delay renovation work, so make sure you get your drains checked ensure there are no problems. Run your shower and see how it runs into the drain. If it takes a few minutes to drain, or if water remains in the bath or shower, this is an indicator of a clog, an improper seal or perhaps a leak. Excess moisture on your bathroom floor is also an indicator of a leak or drainage problem.

If you experience any of these plumbing problems when doing a renovation, or need a plumber in Vancouver to check your home’s plumbing, get in touch with Mr. Plumber today.

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