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How To Care For Your Dishwasher

One of the hardest working appliances in our kitchen is undoubtedly the dishwasher. It’s something we use every day – sometimes even twice a day – and it’s an appliance that many of us rely on to help make the kitchen operations run smoothly and prevent valuable time being wasted on washing the plates. However, we often take our dishwashers for granted and it’s only when they fail on us that we regret not taking action sooner. Like any other appliance in the home, dishwashers require a bit of care and love every now and then to keep them running smoothly and prevent any small issues from getting worse. If you want to maximize the lifespan of your appliance and keep downtime to the minimum, follow these tips on how to care for your dishwasher and how to detect any issues.

Check the seals to avoid any leaks

One thing that you definitely don’t want is for your dishwasher to leak. A lot of water goes through a washing cycle so a broken seal could mean water leaking all over your kitchen floor, or worse, underneath your dishwasher which could potentially cause damage and mould. Over time the seals around the door may break or crack, and this is normal, but keep an eye out for this and when it does start to wear down, call Mr. Plumber to come and fit a new one.

Clean out the dishwasher screen

We recommend that you always rinse your plates and cutlery before placing it in the dishwasher to eliminate a build-up of old food and avoid and clogs. The filter is there to catch any bits of waste, but this can easily get backed up which can stop it from working properly.

Rinse it out

Because dishwashers remain so damp and wet, they can easily start to grow mould inside. Avoid this from happening and prevent a build-up of grease and grime by regularly rinsing out your dishwasher. Put your dishwasher on an empty cycle with some apple cider vinegar and this will help to clear everything out.

Know when to call your plumber

If you detect a leak, if your dishwasher stops working, or if something is amiss, call out Mr. Plumber to come and look at the problem. Don’t replace or tamper with the water pipes as you risk causing a leak or further issues with the appliance. If in doubt, call out a professional to make sure everything’s working properly and to keep your dishwasher in good shape.

Need a plumber in Vancouver to come and give your dishwasher a once over? Call Mr. Plumber today!

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