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How To Add A Bathroom To Your Home

An extra bathroom is always beneficial. It makes life much easier if you have a big family or a big home, and it’s a great investment as it can significantly increase the value of your home. But if you’re struggling for space, or you don’t have a large budget, how can you add a bathroom without breaking the bank or losing a whole room? Well, read on to find out!

Convert your closet

If you have a large closet space that you don’t need, why not convert that into a small ensuite bathroom? This means you can add a bathroom without having to lose much space or tear down any walls. Plus it will be so much more convenient as you’ll have a bathroom right next to your bedroom. You don’t need a large space to add a small vanity unit, toilet, and shower, so this is a good option to consider.

Under the stairs

Do you have any space under your stairs? If so, have you thought about converting it into a bathroom? Under the stairs is the perfect place to add a bathroom for a “half bath”, which is essentially a washroom just with a toilet and vanity unit. To save even more space, you may want to invest in a vanity without cabinets and install high shelving instead, and buy a toilet with a hidden cistern.

Place it strategically

One thing that your new bathroom will definitely need is running water, drainage, and ventilation. Consider placing your new bathroom as close to existing sewer and water pipes as possible to cut costs, as it’s much easier to join the plumbing lines. If you have a very large bathroom, you could split it into two and create a half bath next to your main bathroom.

Add between bedrooms

If you don’t want to lose a large amount of space from one bedroom, why not steal it from two? Add a small bathroom in-between two of your bedrooms and steal floor space from both bedrooms so you don’t significantly decrease the size of either. This will also mean that two bedrooms have ensuite access, which is highly desirable.

If you’re planning to add a bathroom to your home, make sure you leave the plumbing to Mr. Plumber Vancouver! If you’re looking for tips or advice, get in contact with us today for more information.

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