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Budget Bathroom Renovation

Reviving your bathroom doesn’t have to be a costly investment. In fact, there are many things you can do to keep your bathroom update costs low, with maximum impact. Here are a few budget bathroom renovations that we recommend, that will transform your space at an affordable price.

Limit tiling

Tiling can be expensive, so if you’re on a budget, limit the amount of tiling in your bathroom. Focus on areas such as the flooring, which is a better investment. Your floor endures much more wear, plus it’s a focal point of the room so you can justify spending a little more. Tile only around the bathtub and shower, and paint the rest of the room.

Freshen up grouting

Mouldy and dirty grouting can easily make your bathroom look tired and worn. Get your grouting re-done to completely revamp your space at little cost.

Paint it

A coat of paint goes a long way. Re-paint your bathroom to give the room a complete update at minimal cost. Remember to opt for high-quality paint that’s designed for humid rooms to prevent the paint from cracking and bubbling.

Opt for green fixtures

When you’re planning your budget bathroom renovation, don’t just focus on the immediate costs. Think about long-term running costs too, and how you can save money both in the future and at the present. Opt for low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads to conserve water and reduce your water bill.

Keep your bathroom where it is

The cost of a bathroom renovation increases when you move your toilet, sink, and bathtub to a different part of the room, as this involves redirecting all of the piping. Instead, keep your bathroom where it is, so your plumber only has to replace and install the fixtures rather than shifting all of the piping around too.

If you’re looking for a friendly and reliable plumber in Vancouver, give Mr Plumber Vancouver a call today and we can discuss your budget bathroom renovation, and any other plumbing needs!

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