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When You Drop Something Down The Drain

We’ve all been there. You’re cleaning the bathroom, taking off your jewellery, or handling small items and accidently drop something down the sink. If you have a sink stopper in place this should usually catch it, but if you don’t have one or your stopper is open, your item will likely cause you to drop something down the drain. Those few moments of panic are never pleasant, especially if it’s an expensive piece of jewellery or if it’s something that could potentially clog the pipes. But don’t worry – the problem can be fixed in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Turn off the water

This is absolutely essential if you drop something down the drain. If you drop it down while the water is running, turn off the water immediately to stop it being flushed further down the drain. If you drop an item while the water isn’t running, there’s a good chance it might be sitting in the P-trap so you should be able to retrieve it. So whatever you do, don’t run the water!

Step 2: Look down the sink

The next step is to lift out the drain plug and look down the drain to see if you can spot the item that you’ve lost. Use a flashlight or the light on your smartphone, and be careful when taking the plug out so you don’t lose any of the nuts or bolts that keep it in place. If you can see the item, and if it’s within easy reach, try retrieving it using a pair of tweezers or better still, a metallic grasping tool. If the item is jammed, be careful not to knock it out of place or it might drop further down the drain.

Step 3: Call the professional

After you drop something down the sink, if the item is stuck in the P-trap or is jammed in the pipe, call out Mr. Plumber Vancouver to retrieve it for you. We have all the tools and expertise to take the P-trap apart without damaging it or causing any problems. Don’t be tempted to take the P-trap apart by yourself, as people commonly put it back together incorrectly which can lead to bathroom floods and leaks. Avoid fixing something that you don’t understand, especially when it comes to pipes and an expensive item is at risk.

Looking for a reliable plumber in Vancouver to come to the rescue after you drop something down the drain? Give Mr. Plumber Vancouver a call today to get the problem fixed quickly and effectively.

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