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Biggest Plumbing Myths

As homeowners, we all know it’s important to be vigilant and care for our plumbing system. After all, small problems can easily evolve into large issues and land you with a hefty repair bill. But when it comes to the facts, it’s easy to get confused when realities are construed incorrectly – often so much that they become fiction – and the last thing you want is to cause more harm than good to your system. We’ve unplugged some of the biggest plumbing myths to save you time and money and ensure you’re looking after your home in the right way.


The garbage disposal can handle anything

Unfortunately, your garbage disposal can only handle so much. Pumpkin, banana, melon skins, seafood shells, potato skins, coffee grounds, and avocado stones are just a few of the foods that shouldn’t be thrown down your garbage disposal. Thick and hard items can cause damage to the blades or block the drain, so it’s important to break down large foods before you put it down there, or better still, compost foods that are unsuitable for the garbage disposal.


Hair is good for the drains

Hair is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to blocked and clogged drains, however some people think it’s actually good for your system. Use a drain filter instead to prevent anything from going down your drain in the first place and to prevent future plumbing blockages.


Fluctuating water pressure is normal

With water pressure, it’s normal for pressure to be reduced when it comes to your taps. However, extremely low water pressure may be an indicator of a problem such as corrosion in the pipes or potential leaks. Higher water bills than normal and lower water pressure is a huge red flag, so it’s important to call your plumber and get it checked out immediately if you’re experiencing this, instead of waiting for visible leaks and mould to appear.


Anything can go down the toilet

Another plumbing myth is that anything can go down the toilet. This includes cotton buds, feminine items, wet wipes, diapers and a whole range of other items. The reality is that nothing should go down the toilet other than your toilet paper. Even face or diaper wipes aren’t completely flushable, as they don’t disintegrate like normal toilet paper. Instead, put everything in the bin to avoid any clogs and a plumber call-out.


Plumbing requires no maintenance

Like any aspect of your home, plumbing requires maintenance. Even if things are going smoothly, it’s important to perform frequent checks to ensure that everything is in working order. Check the seal rings around the toilet, monitor the water pressure, regularly unclog your drains and get any problems checked out right away. Maintenance will save you a costly plumbing bill in the long run so it’s well worth your time.


If you’re ever in doubt about your plumbing, call Mr. Plumber Vancouver immediately to ensure the right corrective actions are taken and to prevent any long-lasting damage to your home.

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