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How to Clean Your Kitchen Disposal

Kitchen disposals are great – they allow you to easily dispose of waste and food scraps, and it’s a much more eco-friendly option than putting food in the trash. But even though they seem to be pretty low maintenance, it’s important that you look after your appliance properly to ensure it stays running for as long as possible, and to reduce the need for costly repairs. Here are a few pointers on how to clean your kitchen disposal, as well as things that you should never put down the drain.


Remove any large pieces

The first step to clean your kitchen disposal is to remove any large pieces that may potentially be blocking the pipes. Make sure the switch is turned off, then take a pair of tongs and gently pull out anything that might be stuck. Use a flashlight so you can see properly, and be careful not to damage the grinder.


Flush it out with water

After you’ve ensured the unit is free of large pieces, put the plug in the sink and run the hot water until the sink is half full, then remove the plug and turn on the kitchen disposal to flush away any leftover bits of dirt, food, and grime.


Clean with ice cubes and salt

It’s also important to regularly clean your kitchen disposal. Use ice cubes and salt to clean the grinder and remove any tough bits of dirt that are sticking to the pipes. Pour 2 cups of ice and 1 cup of rock salt into the disposal unit, run the cold water, and turn on the grinder. Make sure to also clean with soap and water the underside of the black rubber baffle to prevent foul smells from your kitchen disposal.


Get regular services

The best way to minimize your chances of costly repairs is to regularly get your disposal unit serviced. Call Mr. Plumber Vancouver to come and check that everything is in working order to catch damage and issues before they turn into serious problems.


Things you should never put down the drain

If you have a kitchen disposal, it’s important that you don’t pour things down the drain that the grinder can’t handle. Don’t put any pits (such as avocado pits) or bones down the drain, and refrain from pouring oil or grease down the sink as this can cause huge blockages. Avoid grinding foods like rice and pasta, which expands with water and can clog the drain, and don’t grind things like cigarette butts, plastic, paper, and metal.


Just like any other kitchen appliance, your kitchen disposal requires a little maintenance and care to ensure a long lifespan. If you need a plumber in Vancouver, give us a call today for more information about our services.

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