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Those of us in the plumbing industry spend a lot of time fixing and repairing bathrooms, so we’re pretty clued in on bathroom renovations. From creating the perfect shower experience to investing in the right products, we know what can make or break a redesign. So if you’re looking for a bit of advice, consider these bathroom remodel tips to ensure your projects go as planned.

Opt for quality

While you can save on things like accessories, cabinet knobs and lighting, it’s harder to scrimp on things like showerheads, bathtubs and faucets. Opt for quality with your primary bathroom features to ensure they last the long haul. Bathroom fixtures must be durable as you use them everyday, so although that water-efficient or powerful showerhead may cost a little extra, it’s well worth the investment.

Think about water efficiency

We’re often told about the importance of energy efficiency, but we mustn’t forget about water efficiency too. Using water efficiently will not only help to maintain water supplies for now and the future, it will also cut your energy bills. If you’re remodelling your bathroom, think about investing in more efficient products. Modern toilets are now designed to use less water per flush, which for the average household, can save you over $100 yearly in water bills. You can get showerheads that deliver a satisfying stream but use significantly less water, and faucets with a fitted aerator can cut water flow by up to 30%.

Budget for extras

Budget for extras when planning a bathroom remodel. Unexpected issues such as water damage and hidden mould can easily arise and add a few hundred, if not, thousands of dollars to your overall project cost. Consult an experienced plumber and discuss your remodel ideas to work out whether any issues may potentially come up. If you’re prepared, you can factor in any additional costs so you’re not caught out.

Go with a professional

There’s a lot of temptation nowadays to do our home repairs and renovations ourselves. But there are some projects that really aren’t suitable for DIY – and your bathroom is included. With the potential for very costly leaks and water damage if it isn’t done correctly, it’s better to leave complex bathroom jobs to Mr. Plumber Vancouver.

Hopefully you’ve found these bathroom remodel tips helpful. If you need a plumber in Vancouver, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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