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Avoiding Garbage Disposal Clogs

If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, you’ll know that it makes life much easier when it comes to the removal of food. But did you also know how easy it is to clog and possibly break your garbage disposal unit if it’s not used properly? Here are some of our expert tips on avoiding these clogs this summer.

Keep your garbage disposal clean

Run the garbage disposal on a regular basis to prevent food from backing up and keep the system running. When you run yours, use cold water to harden food and make it easier for the disposal to grind food and flush it out. Using cold water will also keep the motor cool, prolonging its life.

Don’t put the wrong foods in it!

It’s important to know what not to put into your garbage unit. Avoid putting potato peels down the disposal, as they cling to the side of the unit and make it difficult to flush out. Glass, plastic, and metal can jam and damage the blades, as well as seeds, nuts, and pits, which can get lodged in the pipe. Starchy foods such as rice and pasta can also clog the unit, as these expand with water so can block the pipes and cause a clog.

Never pour oil down the sink

Whether you have a garbage disposal unit or not, you should never pour oil down the sink. Grease and fat can clog the pipes and garbage drain line, which can also cause back ups and unpleasant odours. When fats and oil mix with other chemicals in the sewers, this can contaminate the waterways and pump harmful toxins into the environment.

Call a plumber if you spot any problems

We recommend replacing your budget garbage disposal unit every seven years, and your high end one every 12 years or so, as it will gradually deteriorate over time. If you think something is amiss, or if your unit is making loud noises, call Mr. Plumber Vancouver to check for any problems and get your garbage disposal working as new!

If you’re looking for a plumber in Vancouver to fix your plumbing problems, give Mr. Plumber Vancouver a call today!

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