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3 Reasons Your Shower Head May Be Leaking

The bathroom is one area of the home where leaks often occur. Sometimes the leaks are substantial and may originate under the pipes or in the walls, but sometimes they may be smaller leaks that can easily be fixed. A good example is your shower head, as drips and leaks are fairly common especially with age, and they are irritating and bad for your water bill. It’s important never to leave drips like this to escalate, so here are 3 reasons why your shower head may be leaking and things you can do to locate and fix the problem.

1) Worn out O-ring

One of the most common reasons your shower head may be leaking is a worn out O-ring. The O-ring sits on the inside of the shower head and it forms a seal so that water can’t escape. Over time as it wears down it can tear or harden which compromises its ability to seal, so water begins to seep out. We recommend replacing the rubber washer and then seeing whether or not the shower is still leaking.

2) Deposit build up on the shower head

Another common cause of a drip or leak is a build-up of grime and lime deposit on the inside of the head. This causes the holes that the water flows out of to become blocked, and so the water can end up escaping out of the seams of the shower head as it can’t come out of the water holes. If this is happening, dismantle the entire fixture and leave it to soak in white vinegar and this should loosen the deposits, which you can then scrub off with a toothbrush.

3) Defective valve

If replacing the O-ring and cleaning the shower head don’t fix the leak, you may have a defect in the valve. If you have a shower-bathtub, the diverter valve which is responsible for changing the water flow from the bath to the shower head can become worn over time and gradually loosen. When it becomes loose, this means that the water doesn’t shut off properly so it can leak through either the faucet or the showerhead. Because you need to take the valve apart, this repair job is best left to a professional so call out Mr. Plumber Inc. to change the valve and fix the issue.

Don’t ignore a leaky shower head!

It’s really important not to ignore a leaky shower head. Even if the drip or leak is small, over time it can build up and you’ll end up wasting a lot of water as well as money.  The drips can also leave stains in your tub or shower base. The water may also be pooling on the floor or around the sides of the bathtub which may lead to the occurrence of mould.

Still wondering why your shower head may be leaking? Get in touch with Mr. Plumber today and we’ll help you to find a solution.

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